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When our hearts are singing our energy is lighter, our vibration higher. We engage more fully with life and enjoy greater success and fulfilment. This has certainly been the case in my life and in the lives of those who have learned to make their hearts sing. Click here for their stories.

Make your Heart Sing coaching is about awakening heart intelligence which is a deeper level of knowing about ourselves and about life.

Heart intelligence enables us to see our living connection to everything. As we grow that awareness our hearts start to sing.

With heart intelligence we are able to integrate all aspects of our life into a unified whole. We learn how to draw meaning and growth out of life’s experiences which opens us to a new vision and purpose. It involves loving ourselves, honouring ourselves, embracing all of who we are, healing the past and celebrating the magnificence of our lives.
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When our hearts are singing anything is possible because our whole being is vibrating in tune with the Divine, making it easy for Grace to flow and work its magic in our lives. Our singing hearts radiate the love, joy, peace and freedom of who we truly are, to everyone around us and to all of Life.
Why life coaching?
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Singing Hearts
“The heart is the seat of awareness or consciousness itself.”
Sri Ramana Maharshi