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Recognised as an expert in helping people connect with their hearts and inner wisdom, I am passionate about helping you overcome whatever stands between you and your dreams. My clients say I inspire them with my sparkling energy and enthusiasm, combined with compassion and sensitivity. I have taken my own journey of healing and growth, and have experienced and overcome many of the issues that challenge my clients.

I know the joy and ease of living that is available when we heal our lives and move forward. I am passionate about filling my clients with hope and joy as well as giving them practical tools for success.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Diploma in Holistic Coaching, I am dedicated to empowering people to reach their highest potential through self-knowledge. I am excited to be working at the frontier of self-transformation and know from experience that true joy, freedom and abundance are the rich rewards of this journey.

I enjoy public speaking and am an enthusiastic member of Toastmasters. I love the outdoors, cycling, running, walking
and yoga, and am committed to my own continuing journey of discovery and transformation.

Your joy and sparkle specialist
Heather Fletcher

Love yourself, Know yourself, Be yourself

~ Your Key to an Exceptional Life ~

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+64 (0)3 355 2297 or 027 241 9237
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Being with Heather is inspiring. She is a woman who lifts up everybody around her. She helps everybody whom she comes into contact with and is well qualified and able to do this. I have certainly benefited from talking with her.

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Joan Stevens M.Sc.
Registered Psychologist
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