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“Over the years I have worked in some very stressful jobs. I have endured toxic environments, worked with difficult bosses and company workers. I had faced redundancy several times, I worried about job security and my future – not to mention my perfectionism and the pressure I put myself under each working day to meet my own impossible expectations. All of this had turned me into an anxious, worrying wreck!

That was 18 months ago. During this time I was fortunate enough to benefit from Heather's life coaching. I discovered amazing things about myself on my journey, things became clearer, I learnt how to handle life's ups and downs, and how to stay on an even path. I have not had a permanent job for a year and a half now, I have a temporary job which finishes soon, I am not worried about job security, where my next job will be, whether people will like me and I no longer put ridiculous demands on myself. When I am at work I feel happy, calm and I have a real sense of peacefulness. When others around me are panicked, anxious and under pressure in their working day, I am still able to remain in my peaceful state of being. Life is so much easier for me now that my heart sings!”

Vanessa, Palmerston North

“I have been a lifelong student of metaphysics, spirituality and all the philosophies about fulfilling your potential. I have spent years practising different meditation methods, healing my life, and applying things like success principles. In many ways my life has been magical because of that journey and I have met some wonderful people and enjoyed some great experiences. But there have remained some areas that were not really working in my life. Despite good success with my work I still struggled with the flow of money and could never quite get ahead. I had done so much work, and healed so much, yet there were still areas of lack, limitation and struggle.

What I have realised in recent times was that the missing ingredient was my singing heart. It was simply not singing enough. As I honestly examined, (yet again!) the nature and quality of my thoughts I realised how often I am caught in the mind and not allowing my heart to sing. So in recent months I have committed to allowing my heart to sing fully every day and the results have been spectacular. I have entered into a new fulfilling relationship, the flow of money has increased significantly, my health has improved, and exciting work opportunities have been appearing on an almost weekly basis.

Heather's philosophy is simply to allow your heart to sing. It may sound too simple for our modern sophisticated minds but its simplicity is its power. As Heather says, “when your heart is singing you are in the flow of life.” That is my experience and the really exciting thing is that it has only just begun.”

Clement McGrath, Company Director
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So why make your heart sing? ...because a singing heart is such a simple yet powerful way to radically change your life forever.

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Heather’s enthusiasm and positive approach to life are contagious. She has a wonderfully unique and refreshing way of looking at life and redefining it in a more holistic and healthy manner that works to support and maintain a balanced life focus. Time spent with Heather is a truly enriching experience.

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Aileen Watson, Teacher, Western Australia
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Singing Hearts
“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt within the heart.” Helen Keller