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ONE DAY EVENT Soul Playshop
An Extraordinary New Way of Being


A one-day event to release the delight, wonder and energy of your soul, and awaken to a greater love within you.

On this magical day you will engage in joyful experiences that infuse your whole being with Soul Presence. You will discover what has always been there waiting to bubble up from the core of your being.

Opening the heart
Chakra breathing
Activating compassion
Releasing blocks to loving your self
Integrating Divine Presence into your life

Soul is the truth of your being that is eternal and free. Through conditioning you end up living life through the personality and lose sight of the Soul's true beauty and magnificence. Yet It is totally present to you and awaits only your recognition. There is no work in awakening to Soul; you simply learn to recognise its presence and allow it to shine.

Awakening to Soul is awakening to love

The Soul Playshop shows you how and is a profound way to heal yourself and become free. As you awaken to love:
You release the past
You heal your relationships
You open your heart
You find purpose
You attract abundance
You expand your energy

Date: TBA


Your soul longs to sparkle

Facilitated by Heather Fletcher and Clement McGrath. Click here for Clement's profile.

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Meet Heather
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Heather is a genuine ray of sunshine. Her unfailing optimism lifts spirits and inspires hope. I would recommend her to anyone seeking help. She is a deeply caring and gentle woman who has helped me a great deal.

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“And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary” Steve Jobs