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Love yourself • Know yourself • Be Yourself
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An Extraordinary New Way of Being

I have taken the journey and completely transformed my life from the half-aliveness of fear and low self-esteem to the wholeness of truly loving, knowing and being myself. I’m now living an extraordinary life and have directly experienced the power of what I’ll share with you.
Graduate of professional life coach training with New Zealand’s premier holistic coach training provider. This training has given me the skills to guide you on the same journey. Please click here to see my training.
My academic background in psychology complements
life coach training.
I guarantee to conduct my practice with integrity,
complete professionalism and full commitment to you.
No charge/money back guarantee if you don’t get great value.
You will be safe with me.
You will learn what it means to truly Love yourself,
Know yourself, Be yourself.
I bring to you my singing heart and the contagious
joy, passion, enthusiasm and energy a singing heart embodies.
You will be truly inspired to be all that you can be.
Meet Heather
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Heather's insight and understanding, compassion and professionalism inspired and motivated me to make the changes that I want

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Lorraine Noble, Accountant
Why life coaching?
Why the name?
Singing Hearts
“Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.” Joseph Campbell