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Life Coaching
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Why Life Coaching?

Reconnect with your Authentic Self

Our true nature is wholeness and sunshine.

As our lives unfold we acquire layers of beliefs, hurts and habits that keep us separate from the magnificence of our true selves.

Identify and clear what is keeping you stuck or unfulfilled.
Get practical tools for ongoing maintenance and self-development.
Live from Empowerment, Awareness and Joy.

During your life coaching experience you will explore:
The present: Understand your current situation
and how you got there
The future: Create a vision that fulfils you and
your potential
Barriers: Uncover and resolve issues and patterns that hold you back
Action: Develop a plan to take you forward.

You can expect to:

Clear limiting beliefs   Increase your well-being
Dissolve your fears   Make positive changes
Change sabotaging patterns   Uncover your passion
Raise your self-esteem   Improve relationships

… and make your heart sing!

Meet Heather
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For me – personally and professionally – I found these six week coaching sessions powerful, inspiring, genuine and real. The sessions with Heather helped me to define and clarify my thinking, giving me vision for my future ... I always felt Heather was there to support me with my individual issues. Her ability to continuously provide wisdom in a patient and calm manner helped me to connect to the inner centre of myself.

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Robyn Baker, EANP Social Worker, Age Concern,
Why life coaching?
Why the name?
Singing Hearts
Are you ready for a life of growth, and the unfolding of your full potential?